Happiness and Living Outside the Box



Happiness Quote

I’ve been thinking more and more about life outside the box, particularly since learning of my impending termination from work.  For years I’ve wanted a change.  What better time for going all the way and totally reinventing myself like I’ve ached to do but lacked the nerve?  Yet even now I search the internet for more of what I want to get away from–a programming job in another box sitting in front of a smaller, electronic box (i.e. a computer monitor).  Change involves uncertainty, even travail, both of which can rob a person of happiness unless he or she remains strong and committed.  Needing inspiration and a little encouragement from others who have done what I hope to do, I did some searches and found two blog posts that really spoke to me.  One talks about happiness and the other deals with getting out of the box.  I’ve provided the links to both.  My thanks to the people who wrote them.

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