Life’s Best Kept Secret

For anyone going through a hard time or being afraid for any reason, I strongly recommend this post. I found it inspiring beyond measure.

A Leaf in Springtime


Somewhere between turning 40, somewhere between motherhood, breast cancer and some whopping dollops of second chances. Somewhere between falling down and getting up again on quivering knees, I stumbled upon one of life’s best kept secrets.

At least it was a well-kept secret to me. I’m slow that way.

But now that I know it, I want to shout it out from the rooftops. I want to whisper it into every listening ear. I want to infuse it into the soul of every broken-winged bird. I want to nurture it into the heart of every bewildered child.

This is the secret.

Be afraid of no one. 

For your fear is sacred. It is not to be made into a plaything for the foolish or to be celebrated by the conquering appetites of the tyrant. Fear, this holy fear is reserved solely in the face of the Divine. And nobody else…

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