Halloween Masks In Nature

1 Ape HeadOne thing I enjoy about creating a fantasy series is the endless array of characters that can come into play.  Shape shifters, hapless heroes capriciously changed into other forms by their antagonists, and inanimate objects springing to life all enjoy roles in my DARK LORDS OF EPTHELION trilogy.  And the nice thing is, I don’t have to look far for inspiration; it’s all around me.

During an August photo crawl to the Blind Springs area in southeast Idaho, I visited a white stone wall cut into the side of one hill.  Nature’s chisels of time and weather had carved rugged features into the rock, several of which resembled heads, along with faces that looked more like masks.  Yes, nature has her own brand of Halloween masks, and with Halloween just a day away, I decided to share some of them.

2 AlienInStone


3 LizardHead


4 Angry Eyes

Angry Eyes

5 Ape Head

Monkey Head

6 Twisted Face


7 Laughing Face

Howling with Laughter

8 Mask


Blind Springs wasn’t the only place I found faces.  In Idaho’s Arbon Valley stands Indian Head Rock.  From his closed eyes, peaceful expression, and smiling countenance I would say he is pondering pleasant thoughts.

9 DeepInThought

Pleasant Dreams

A Labor Day storm ended with an impressive bank of white mammatus clouds.  This face peered down from one end.

10 FaceInTheClouds

Face in the Clouds

However. . .what I consider the most frightening mask of all appeared in the side of Pillar Butte, an extinct shield volcano on the Wapi lava flow.  Trust me, when you are standing in the middle of a lava bed, surrounded by miles of TERRIBLE terrain and no quick way out you don’t want a volcano–even a dead one–glowering at you like this!

11 AngryButte

Angry Volcano

Have a happy and a SAFE Halloween!

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