Quotations from Warrior Queen of Ha-Ran-Fel

Ocean sunset 7

“Do not speak wickedness, Tania. God can yet deliver us, if He chooses. If not, we shall glorify Him with our deaths.” Jonah Havalseth, as Mordarius razed Atwall.

“Have you ever felt your very heart had been torn from within you, that all you once loved and cherished had been replaced by something even more lovely; and you embraced that new vision with greater zeal and with a joy beyond what you had ever hoped or dreamed. . .only to have it taken from you, snatched away by cruel fate. . .or by one you thought your friend. . .” Arris Marchant, confiding in his brother, Davon.

“Think back over the years, when each kingdom had its own king. They fought each other, not only between kingdoms, but within kingdoms. They had no unity, no peace! Every kingdom wanted something another kingdom had, and rather than share, they fought! There was greed! There was strife! There was war and there was death! That, my hypocritical and judgmental friend, constitutes the highest form of slavery!” Ryadok, addressing his prisoner, Arris.

“Do not let fear and anger conquer you. You must conquer them. If you don’t, you give your enemy all power over you, and you will never overcome him. Anger uncontrolled flames up fast and hot, and even though you direct this fire at your foe, it is you it burns.” The warrior Hamiel admonishing Merewyn during her training.

“Valiant warriors of Ha-Ran-Fel–and brave and noble allies who have joined us–our hour has come! We stand at the threshold: For some, the threshold of eternity; for others, the threshold of a new era. The malignancy spawned in the east now snakes its tendrils across our land to bind us. . .to choke and extinguish us. . .and to replace our young with its own. It comes not with the conventional weapons of warfare, but with magic and devilry. It comes without honorable rules of engagement, for this is not a fair fight. We know nothing of witchcraft or conjuring demons. We cannot hope to defeat such evil with what we know. But some among us will find the way with what lives in their hearts. They will effect the enemy’s destruction. From them will victory spring! For those who fall, the light of heaven will shatter the darkness of death! Those who live will see the dawning of a new day, a glad day, a day of peace and freedom! They will multiply and grow mightier than any who ever lived before!”

“WE FIGHT!!” King Ruelon’s final speech.

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