Warrior Queen of Ha-Ran-Fel: Heros and Villains


Having set the stage for the action in WARRIOR QUEEN OF HA-RAN-FEL, I thought it time to introduce the main characters:

Merewyn Havalseth is the fifteen-year-old daughter of Jonah Havalseth.  She is a slender, beautiful maiden with long blonde hair and brown eyes.  Her father’s position as a prelate and also the chief advisor to Valhalea’s King Nicholas affords the family considerable wealth.  She became a skilled equestrian early in life and by nature possesses a resolute and determined spirit, traits that will be tested to their limits when, one dark night, she is stripped of everything and thrown to the wolves.

Arris Marchant is twenty-five and very handsome with wavy, shoulder-length blonde hair and a slender build.  His brown left eye and green right eye, most unusual for the time, set him apart from birth as did his quiet demeanor and compassionate nature.  He also has an adventurous side which, in his youth, drew him from his home in the precipitous Alpenfel Mountains into the realm of the savage Horse Lords.  He is an expert archer and a Nimbian mystic endowed with Arganian gifts, a privilege bestowed only on a select few and one that affords his family much prestige.  In order to retain his position, he must remain in Aerie, Nimbia’s chief city and the seat of Arganian power.  But when a new sorcerer more evil than any before him arises in neighboring Barren-Fel, Arris elects to leave Aerie and join the resistance, a decision which causes him to be disinherited and deemed dead by his family.

Ryadok is Barren-Fel’s latest and unspeakably evil sorcerer.  Thirty years old, he is tall and slender with blue eyes and wispy shoulder-length blonde hair usually tied back in a tail.  Cold and calculating, he displays a good guy-bad guy personality, often treating his detractors amiably before searing them alive with electric bolts shot from his serpent-headed staff.  A master of the Black Arts and aligned with the serpent-god, Ryadok creates bestial armies and unleashes them across Epthelion.  Each maniacal creation increases his madness, spiraling him into utter depravity.

Lucius Mordarius looks like a classic villain: Very tall and skinny with jet-black hair and angular features.  He begins as Ryadok’s apprentice, but his ambition to exceed Ryadok in power causes Ryadok to reject him.  Mordarius returns to Valhalea and forges his own alliance with a demon power, after which he overthrows Valhalea and launches his own campaign to conquer Epthelion.

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