Dark Lords of Epthelion: Anhuapta


“Reclaim your power and rightful destiny.  You need give up nothing.  Reclaim your power and stem the rising madness.  You are strong, stronger and wiser than any before you, for you entered the demonic realm and returned unscathed with your honor intact. . .”                                            ~Anhuapta, the Serpent god, A Dark Moon Rises,  Book 2 of the Dark Lords of Epthelion series

The demon Anhuapta was the driving force behind Epthelion’s evil kings.  Preying on their selfish lusts, he drew them into his lethal web, enduing them with supernatural powers and satisfying their whims while they unwittingly served his purpose.  When their usefulness ended he cast them aside, murdering some and leaving others to their fates.

Anhuapta could alter his shape, but usually appeared as a hooded red-eyed serpent and thus was worshiped as the serpent god by cults across Epthelion. A master of the Black Arts, he could render himself invisible and was capable of flight and moving at lightning speed.  Only a few of the High Arganians possessed such power and only two fought Anhuapta face to face, engaging him in the Corridor, the tubular interface between the natural and supernatural worlds.  One Lesser Arganian, however, would prove his most formidable foe.


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