Lucius Mordarius


“Fools!  They believe they have triumphed, but at the opportune moment I shall strike!  I, Lucius, Mordarius, once deemed unworthy by the Dark Lord Ryadok, shall conquer and reign supreme.  The Dragon’s colors shall fly over every kingdom in Epthelion while the Serpent cowers in his hole.  And when he does come forth, he shall serve me!”                                                                                              ~Lucius Mordarius, Warrior Queen of Ha-Ran-Fel, Book 1 of the Dark Lords of Epthelion series

Lucius Mordarius was Ryadok’s apprentice and cousin of Merewyn Havalseth, the novel’s heroine.  Orphaned at a young age, he was adopted by his uncle, Jonah Havalseth of Valhalea, who served as King Nicholas’ most trusted adviser.  His relationship to a prestigious and highly respected uncle, along with a virtuous facade gained Mordarius many friends among Valhalea’s elite.

But selfish ambition festered in a corrupt and merciless heart filled with contempt for the uncle who loved him as his son.  Mordarius’ innate craftiness, military prowess, and persuasive talents caught Anhuapta’s attention, and with seductive promises of wealth and power the Serpent god lured him into the inky bowels of Barren-Fel to Ryadok’s fortress.  Thinking Mordarius a useful puppet, Ryadok took him into his service.  Mordarius proved an apt and eager pupil, quickly mastering the Black Arts and embracing Ryadok’s vision of total dominion over all Epthelion.  However, servitude did not become Mordarius; he wanted Ryadok’s throne and position.  As a result, the enraged sorcerer cast him from a castle tower.

Anhuapta, disguised as a green dragon, appeared to Mordarius, strengthening and granting him the power needed to engage Ryadok.  He still sustained Ryadok, but throughout the story pitted one against the other in a quest to determine and then elevate the stronger of the two.








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