Finding Reviewers


I always assumed that, as my books began selling, reviews would follow.  That certainly has not been the case, and I have since been informed by fellow writers that actively seeking reviews is part of the promotion and marketing process, which poses still another obstacle to getting enough writing in each day.

While it is easy enough to find reviewers on a Google search, it is quite another sifting through them all looking for someone specializing in your genre.  And then you have to convince that person that he/she wants to read your book.  You also run the risk he/she will render a bad review.  But while everyone craves a five-star accolade, keep in mind that one and two star reviews aid in honing your craft.

I plan to start with Amazon’s Top Reviewers.  There is also an Indie Reviewer List.  You can also find other lists along with do’s and don’ts at Empty Mirror.

Yes, it’s all part of the process.  But perseverance pays off and you get back what you put in.

Happy Writing!

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