How to Handle Book Reviews: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


In a previous post I wrote about the lack of reviews on my two published books, at least on Amazon. I did get some reviews on Goodreads after a giveaway. Three were good; but one was a scathing one-star review that, as the following post describes, almost made me toss my laptop and my writing dream. This morning I came across this excellent article written by Kate M. Colby which appeared on It really puts book reviews–good, bad, and ugly–into perspective and reveals the benefits both good and bad can render, along with methods of dealing with any ugly reviews.

A Writer's Path


by Kate M. Colby

Book reviews are the lifeblood of books. A healthy rating encourages potential readers to buy, makes an author eligible for merchandising from retail sites, and improves a book’s overall ranking on those sites. However, if enough readers read your book, eventually you’re going to get a bad review (probably several). Those dreaded one-star ratings are the cost of exposure.

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