As Cold As Thorns


A gripping tale of love, passion, and obsession that spirals a gifted and warm-hearted tailor into an abyss of insanity, murder and self-indulgence.

Young and innocent, Henrique attained the prestigious post of tailor to Iberia’s royal family. He lost his heart to the stunningly beautiful Princess Catelyna, but her betrothal to another aroused his jealousy and eventually drove him to commit the unthinkable. Catelyna’s grief, along with the realization that his deed had robbed her of far more than he could ever imagine, plunged Henrique into near-fatal depression from which he never recovered. Amid fits of madness he maintained some degree of his former propriety and ability. However, his physical appearance changed radically, betraying the monster raging within. Did his desire for Catelyna alone produce such a downward evolution? Or did Henrique’s obsession with a mysterious black rose play a part?

This heartbreaking story grabbed me from the beginning. Isis Sousa’s poetic writing style lends a classical feel and paints a beautifully graphic word tapestry that places her readers directly into the action. I loved the characters and especially felt Henrique’s pain as he devolved from a vibrant young man into a sickly madman. As Cold As Thorns is a wonderful book that I highly recommend to anyone who enjoys a suspenseful dark Gothic fantasy.

Click here if interested in buying the book on Amazon or reading more about author Isis Sousa.  Isis is also on Goodreads  and Pinterest.

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