Interview and Spotlight with indie author Sandra Kopp

My sincere thanks to Isis Sousa for this marvelous spotlight!

Illustrating Words

I came across Sandra Kopp’s work via GoodReads, when I was looking for reviewers for my novel, she kindly offered to read my book and review it. Seeing that Sandra was an author as well, I got interested in her work and asked to read and review her book, too. I was quite excited when I saw her work was an Epic Fantasy series, since I appreciate the genre. Without further ado, here is an interview I did with her:

73664881. Tell us about the beginning. When did you start writing the Dark Lords of Epthelion series?
I think it was sometime during 2003 when I first saw “Fellowship of the Ring,” and everything about it–plot, characters, and setting (especially the Shire)–intrigued me immediately.  My imagination kicked into high gear, and soon I was visualizing the six kingdoms that would compose Epthelion, along with the slender blonde maiden who…

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