A Small Ant Dream

Absolutely love this! Thank you, Adwin, for a great post.


I too had a Dream. A small ant dream.


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Most of the time i miss the whole story of my dreams…., soon after waking up. I always try to remember my last dream. And misses the middle part. Ahhhh…. it’s like…, missing major part of a film. But its okay. Soon.. am gonna miss rest of my dream too..(the whole movie)😉

Every dream i seen expire fast from my memory. And i found one way, to recover my dreams. So i started to note down my dreams in a white paper with pencil, in early mornings. The strange thing i found was.. continuity in some of my dreams. But still not clear about those dreams. Some dreams are nightmares & lucid types.

All the dreams made me damn confused. Real world is so so so far compared to dreamily…

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