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Bloom Where You Are Planted

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It’s tough to bloom sometimes.  Even in an ideal setting life has a way of throwing us a curve.  I’ve had an especially hard time lately, but today came across a post that served as both an inspiration and a reminder that everyone has their rough stretches.  I’d like to thank bayart.org for this excellent post, entitled Bloom Where You Are Planted.  Click here to read.


A Prayer For Forgiveness And Guidance

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While Thanksgiving is a time for reflecting on and expressing gratitude for our personal blessings, I believe it should also be a time of prayer for the nation in which we have enjoyed those blessings.  A prayer appeared in a letter to the editor of the Power County Press that, I believe, goes hand-in-hand with the PLANTING TIME post from November 22.  I thought I had seen this prayer, or part of it, before and decided to research it further.  I discovered it was originally delivered by Pastor Joe Wright at an opening session of the Kansas House of Representatives.  I’ve provided a link below, and would challenge every Christian in America to at least view it and then pray for our nation.

“If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.” ~ Peter Marshall

Click here to read about Pastor Wright and view his prayer.